Malaysia Intraday Stocks

Malaysia Intraday pack is designed in such a way by our technical analysts that Clients can make quick profits by using our KLSE stock picks from Malaysian Equity Markets. Rather than quantity of recommendations, our research team focuses on giving the quality of KLSE stock picks which are based on technical analysis. Our research team includes members who have been in Markets since 2006 and each stock of Malaysia Intraday are tested on different parameters like Volume, Market Capitalization, Price, Risk involved, Risk: Reward ratio and then KLSE recommendations are generated; this process helps in filtering out most of the risky stocks. We would recommend this service to traders who want to see their capital grow steadily.

Investment Required in KLSE Stocks

MYR 15,000- 20,000

Mode of Recommendations

Recommendations are available through Text SMS & Whatsapp

Recommendations are given on

Malaysian Stocks with good tradable volumes

Details of Services

  • 18-20 recommendations monthly (contra period)
  • 1-2 Contra Period recommendations per day
  • Strategy will be Breakout- BUY ABOVE MYR 1.200 & SELL BELOW MYR 5.623
  • Positions open at a time will be 2, so that risk can be managed
  • Regular follow ups
  • All Important News and Economic Data like FED Minutes, ECB
  • Monetary Policy, Foreign Currency Reserves
  • World Market updates
  • Monthly News Letter

Trading Rules

  • Trade in each recommendation with Fixed Capital
  • Each recommendation will be worth of 1000 share i.e. 10 Board Lots
  • Follow the recommendations as you receive.
  • StopLoss is integral part of risk management. Please follow
  • Stoploss in each and every trade and exit when price touches stoploss.
  • Book Partial (50% recommended, rest depends on your risk appetite) and revise your stoploss to Cost so that your position does not go in loss.
  • Don’t forget your rules.

Template of Recommendation

Buy ABC above 16.380 with stoploss of 15.5, targets 17.15, 18.1

Follow Up

Book partial profits in abc at 17.05 and revise your stoploss to cost price stoploss www.777research.Com

for 3 Months
for 6 Months
for 12 Months