CFD Pack

CFD Pack is made for Investors and traders who have small capital but aims to make profit from markets like Commodities, Currencies, Indices, Treasuries and Shares. This is done by the leveraging that is available. As a CFD trader, getting economic benefits as an investor gains while trading is much easier and thereby they also get the exposure to trade with the underlying shares & wide range of market instruments.

Our Technical Analysts make most use of the leverage and generate recommendations based on the features of CFDs. Best segmented CFD strategies are generated and traders are recommended to enter position as per their risk appetite and holding capacity. As greater leverage comes with greater risk, our team is always dedicated to manage your risk through partial bookings, preventing from price shocks and maintaining stop losses.

Investment Required

SGD 7,000- 10,000

Mode of Recommendations

Recommendations are available through Text SMS & Whatsapp


Leverage in CFDs helps traders to take a large exposure with a small deposit
Access is gained to over 12000 markets like Indices, Forex, Commodities at a time
Taking advantage of falling prices and shorting opportunities

Recommendations are given on

SGX Blue Chips- Large Market Cap. Stocks
SGX Mid Cap- Medium Size Cap. Stocks

Details of Services

18-20 recommendations monthly
1-2 recommendations per day
Strategy will be Breakout- BUY ABOVE SGD 1.200 & SELL BELOW SGD 5.623
Positions open at a time will be 2, so that risk can be managed. 1 open long position and no short position overnight
We Square up Intraday for Short and 5 days contra for Buy position
Regular follow ups
All Important News and Economic Data like FED Minutes, ECB
Monetary Policy, Foreign Currency Reserves
World Market updates
Monthly News Letter

Trading Rules

Trade in each recommendation with Fixed Capital
Follow the recommendations as you receive
StopLoss is integral part of risk management. Please follow
Stoploss in each and every trade and exit when price touches stoploss.
Book Partial (50% recommended, rest depends on your risk appetite) and revise your stoploss to Cost so that your position does not go in loss.
Don’t forget your rules.

Template of Recommendation

Buy SIA above 10.780 with stoploss of 10.680, targets 10.990 from

Follow Up

Book partial profits in sia at 10.950 and revise your stoploss to cost price stoploss

for 3 Months
for 6 Months
for 12 Months