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Investor Delight

Investor who believes in buy & hold approach strategy, clients who are passively trades in Equity market of Singapore & Malaysia can subscribe for this product. This will help you to build wealth over an extended period.


It does not matter whether you are long or short in the market, only being in the right direction matters. In CFD pack we identify both long and short selling opportunities which gives a edge in both bull and bearish trends.

Malaysia Intraday Stocks

Best Short term & Intraday trading opportunities are identified in most liquid stocks traded in KLSE with proper risk reward. Product intent is to delight short term traders.

Shariah Intraday Pack

It is designed for traders who trades only in Shariah Compliant stocks. Reward ratio and recommendations are given, this process helps in filtering out most of risky stocks for better yields and results.


INDICES Pack includes research recommendations in major indices like Dow Jones, NASDAQ, S&P 500, DAX, CAC 40, FTSE & Nikkei 225. We prefer generating quality signals based on Technical analysis.


Get extraordinary profitable FOREX signals from Research team with a experience of more than 12 years. An evergreen product for traders to trade comfortably and profitably in all type of market scenarios.


This service is meant for investors and traders worldwide for investing and also for hedging wherein large hedgers offset their positions through Gold as they like to go long term when they fear of price shock in the market.

HNI Pack-Malaysia Equity

This includes recommendations on Large and Medium Sized Market Capitalization Stocks. Full guidance on correct method of trading is given by our research team.

HNI Forex

HNI Pack includes all Forex major and minor pairs. This is for high net worth investors who hold a large capital with big risk taking capacity comparatively so that they can be rewarded accordingly.

HNI Comex

This pack is for High Net worth Investors who hold a large capital with big risk taking capacity comparatively so that they can be rewarded accordingly big as risk and reward is according to each other.

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